Game of Thrones slot machine – Review

Game of Thrones slot machine

Finally, a slot machine that is aimed at all the many Danes who love the very popular TV series: “Game of Thrones”, and just can’t get enough of everything to do with the series.

The TV series is based on the fantastic book series about Game of Thrones, written by George RR Martin.

HBO is behind the film adaptation of the books, and the series is a resounding success, with an IMDB rating of 9.5 out of a possible 10.

In Game of Thrones, you follow the fight of 4 clans for the Iron Throne, and the power over a large kingdom. The 4 families: Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen, all believe that their leader is the rightful king, with the right to sit on the iron throne and rule the kingdom.

The Game of Thrones slot machine takes you into the universe of the TV series and the books, by showing graphic clips from the series’ locations and characters. There are fire-breathing dragons and ancient castles when you trigger bonus spins.

Where do you find the machine and how do you start playing on it?

 find the machine

If you do not have a user account at Tivoli Casino, you must start by creating your personal user account. You will need your Nem ID to log in to your account.

It costs nothing to register, and you can try out the free version of the slot machine until you get to know the machine. In the free version, however, you cannot win money.

When you are ready for the money version, you can bet from 30 øre to DKK 6 per bet. spin.

There is a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to DKK 1,000 to Tivoli Casino. This means that immediately upon your first deposit, you get double the amount to play for. You can therefore get up to DKK 1,000 extra at Tivoli Casino with your first deposit.

There is also a welcome bonus for, of 100 free spins and up to DKK 2,500 in bonus on your first deposit.

It is very easy to deposit and withdraw money from the gaming account when you want to play on the Game of Thrones slot machine. You deposit money with your Dankort, Visa card or Mastercard. When you have won and your balance on the gaming account is at least DKK 100, you can ask to have the money paid out to the same bank account you use when you deposit money into your gaming account.

You are now ready to throw yourself into the battle for “The Iron Throne” or as it is called in Danish: the battle for the iron throne.

A little about the Game of Thrones slot machine

Game of Thrones slot

The machine has very nice graphics, with lots of elements from the Game of Thrones series. The scatter symbol is made like “The Iron Throne”, and in case of a scatter win that is triggered by 2 or more Iron Throne symbols, the one Iron Throne symbol changes to the most beautiful dragon egg, which shows the size of the win.

There are symbols for the 4 clans, they trigger smaller wins when you hit 3 or more of the same symbol. The letter symbols also give smaller wins if you hit 3 or more on a line.

The Game of Thrones symbol can trigger free spins, it is when you have free spins that you have the opportunity to multiply your winnings. The Game of Throne symbol also acts as a joker, as the symbol can replace another symbol, thereby increasing the possibility of a winning combination on the slot machine. If you hit 2 Game of Thrones symbols, you win a random cash prize. But if you hit 3,4 or 5 Game of Thrones symbols, you can win the bonus round and your bet up to 200 times back.

Hitting at least 3 Iron Throne symbols will trigger free spins. You are allowed to choose which of the 4 “Houses of Westeros” you want to ally with. Each lineage has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to you which lineage you choose.

The 4 “Houses of Westeros”:

Once you have obtained the free bonus spins on the slot machine, you have the following options:

The Targaryen:

The Targaryen gives you the most spins, but with lower winning possibilities per spin. You get 18 bonus rounds, with 2X winnings. This means that your winnings are doubled in the 18 bonus rounds.


If you choose to ally with Stark, you will get 14 bonus rounds, with 3X winnings.

Lannister: With Lannister you get 10 bonus rounds, with 4X winnings. It can give a nice result.


Baratheon gives you 5X winnings when you hit a winning combination on the slot machine, in return you only get 8 bonus rounds to get the right combinations.

You can therefore choose to bet a little or a lot, but the more you bet, the bigger the profit it can trigger for you.

Why you should choose the Game of Thrones slot machine

The machine has the coolest sound, with music from the Game of Thrones series. The music plays as a kind of background music, and when you win, more power comes in the volume, so you can enjoy the feeling of winning money, together with cool music that almost cannot avoid putting you in the right Game of Thrones mood.

On the Game of Thrones slot machine, you can win up to DKK 121,000. Just think what you can sweeten life with if you are the next lucky winner of the big prize. I wonder if most people have wishes that can be fulfilled with the huge win on this slot machine.

You can of course also play on the Game of Thrones slot machine, even if you don’t know the TV series or the books. Your chances of winning are not reduced because you do not know the series in advance. You can still feel well entertained when playing on this machine. But a small warning from here: You risk being so captivated by Game of Thrones that you feel the urge to watch the TV series and possibly also read the books.

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