Payment methods during the betting

Payment methods

When you sign up with a welcome bonus for sports and betting, it is also important to pay attention to the payment methods. First of all, there may be certain payment methods that are excluded from your odds bonus. This means that you would not be able to get a bonus for new members if you choose an excluded payment method. Typically it is Skrill or Neteller. Perhaps it is because there are fees that the bookmaker must pay for the payment methods. Regardless, it is important to read in the bonus terms and conditions whether there are certain payment methods that are not valid for depositing and withdrawing in connection with your welcome bonus.

Ease and safety

Ease and safety

Nowadays, the payment methods are almost always free of charge on the gambling sites on the net. There may be fees for the bookmaker, but you don’t have to worry about them. Therefore, most choose payment methods according to the transfer time and where the money ends up. Before we go through the most common payment methods, it is important to highlight that you typically have to choose the same method for deposit and withdrawal as already mentioned further up. This is partly because the bookmaker wants to ensure that your money actually lands in the right place.

When you place odds with recognized bookmakers, you can first of all choose bank transfer. However, by now not many do. This is because it is typically the slowest method. In addition to bank transfer, there is also a standard payment method in the form of a payment card. Typically you can choose VISA, MasterCard and/or Dankort. Usually there is immediate payment by credit card and the payment takes anywhere from 24 hours to a few days. It will almost always be the same case with all bookmakers, as the total transfer time depends on third parties in the form of your payment card provider and/or bank. Here, the big difference can lie in the processing time at the bookmaker itself. Many bookmakers process withdrawal requests immediately, while others can take anywhere from 24 hours to a few days. The best bookmakers are naturally the fastest.

The best payment method to choose

best payment method

Nowadays, there are also many people who choose to deposit and withdraw with e-wallet, as long as they are not excluded from the welcome bonus. First of all, there are many who choose to deposit and withdraw with Skrill, Neteller, PayPal or the like, as these are typically the fastest methods. In addition, there are also many others who prefer an e-wallet, as this means that you do not have to give your payment card details directly to the bookmaker. While it shouldn’t worry you in most cases, it may be a matter of personal preference. A bookmaker with a Danish license is trustworthy in terms of trusting them with your own money. In fact, there is a rule in Denmark, which the Gambling Authority has established, which means that a bookmaker must always keep your financial funds in a separate account from their company account. That way, your own money is protected in the unlikely event that a bookmaker goes bankrupt. We call it an unlikely case, as the Gambling Authority always checks a bookmaker’s finances in connection with issuing or renewing a gambling licence.

We have already written quite a bit about payment methods, but there is still one important last point. Maybe we’ve saved the best for last. Nowadays, there are bookmakers who only allow deposits and withdrawals via your NemKonto. In this way, they ensure that it goes quickly, painlessly and that you get your money. In this connection, you can also choose to deposit with MobilePay and pay out to your NemKonto. Virtually all of Denmark uses MobilePay, which is why the bookmakers stand out when they make sure to offer the popular payment method. Some bookmakers also allow you to pay with ApplePay when you get an odds bonus. However, it is not as many. In any case, you can see that there are often many good payment methods for both deposit and withdrawal when you get a welcome bonus as well as a bonus for existing members at an online bookmaker.

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